Monday, March 3, 2014

Lynn's Future...

With the above in mind, here's an idea.

This plan showcases Lynn Harbor itself ( not just the property along its shoreline ), and introduces Lynn to The World as a forward thinking, locally focused, globally aware, environmentally conscious city on The East Coast of USA.

This page is your lead-in.

My suggestion/proposal begins with The Lynn Maritime Future Center.

maritime future center

Everything leads up to the day when self-launching, recyclable, zero debris Telecommunications Satellite G2 lifts off from a floating platform outside Egg Rock on her way to orbit.

There's a lot more, including Tidal Electric Generation at the mouth of The Harbor and The Infinitely Sustainable Lynn Electric Ferry, developed and manufactured in Lynn using turbines and technology from General Electric.

This partnership will provide jobs and increase the tax base.

SEE BELOW...LEARN MORE...follow text and images link to the many aspects of this project.

Hang onto your hats, Kids.

Here we go!

Lynn is about to lead The Global Economy into The Future.

Introducing The 21st Century Nexus

Climate Change   Maritime Commerce  
Satellite Telecommunications   Global Economy

Climate Change will effect Maritime Commerce as Sea Level rises.

Satellite Telecommunications makes Maritime Commerce work.

Maritime Commerce makes The Global Economy work.

These four elements are essential to our survival.

That’s The 21st Century Nexus.

Climate Change is the root.

The Future stems from there.

Think LOCAL...Act GLOBAL...


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