Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Re-Entry from Space...

I've been working to devise a vehicle that returns safely and gently to Earth from Space since 1959.

Problem solved.

Along the way, I realized that my Re-Entry solution also leads to an alternative launch technique.

Telecomsat G2 will "Fall Into Space" at one tenth the cost of current launch systems.

Billions of $$$ can be redirected to essential infrastructure and sustainability issues here on Earth.

Numerous problems solved.

Telecomsat G2 is Earth's first self-launching, recyclable, zero debris spacecraft.

The launch vehicle is the satellite.

G2 comes from Lynn, Mass, USA.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

G2...Lynn Harbor...21st Century Nexus...

The image at top of page shows Telecomsat G2 returning from Space, preparing to land at Lynn Harbor.

Below you see an aerial view of The Harbor.

G2 is approaching from the upper right corner.

The landing path takes G2 directly over the beach and causeway to splashdown at The Harbor.


Does that really say a satellite is landing at Lynn Harbor?

Returning satellites don't land.

They burn up on re-entry.

And, even if they did return safely to Earth, why would one land at Lynn Harbor?

That's what the 21st Century Nexus is all about.

Lynn Harbor is the focus of said Nexus.



Green text links lead to more info RE this project.

Each page features individual aspects of the overall venture...linked to provide both an overview and insight.

This is an enormous undertaking.

There's a lot of material.

Follow the links.

Form your own outlook.

Images and green text will link you to the many parts of this ads or pop-ups...just a wealth of valuable background material.

Success will result in an economic boom for Lynn and the entire region.

Check here for regular updates and timely links.

G2, The Lynn Maritime Future Center, and the resulting emergence of Lynn Harbor as a Global Economic Hub is the best thing for Lynn since shoes!


Funding this project...


UPCYCLE LYNN will get the ball rolling.


There are a lot of 'crowd funding' websites out there.

An individual or corporation can appeal directly to the public for funds by presenting their project via these websites.

The public chooses to support individual projects based upon the online presentation.

Here's a better, much more direct process.

"1,000,000 Kindle Power" refers to the sale of one million units of my online self help pamphlet via Amazon Kindle...( available for use with any tablet or PC ).

Click the image to learn more and read a sample.

The sale of one million units at $.99.ea will put $350,000 into Lynn Mass USA's coffers.

This $$$ will be invested in the local economy.

Amazon gets 65% or $650,000 for providing the venue.

This will inevitably come to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos' attention.

Bezos is an active investor in projects for the future, including his own private Space Venture ( Blue Origin ).

His interest will be piqued once he makes a bunch of $$$ and learns of a revolutionary Space Launch and Recovery System.

AND...most importantly...

It will be clear to the whole world that we Lynners have our eyes on the future and we can solve our own economic woes...out of thin air.

This will, in turn, draw Global Economic Interest to Lynn Harbor.

That's creative 'crowd funding' with an added bonus.

This early aspect of my long range plan will generate funds, provide media exposure beyond the local scene, and begin the development process.

How will it work?

We have the perfect situation to generate a Global Phenomenon right here in Lynn.


Essential Lynness is your portal to participation in the success of this project.

Lynn's cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity comes from all over The Planet.

We have access to The Globe via our own personal networks.

Picture the vast number of people who can be reached in moments via these networks.

One million is only a thousand thousand.

Global networking provides Lynn Mass USA with access to a thousand thousand people easily.

All we will ask is that they spend $.99 to improve their outlooks and brighten their horizons, forward the info within their own networks, and support a project that will benefit every Human on Earth.

Think of this as a Community Project.

Our primary job is to spread this sense of Community from Lynn to the rest of the world.

It goes back to the old saying, "Think Locally...Act Globally".

With access to the www, spreading a message becomes a simple process.

Our goals are Locally Focused, Globally Relevant, and beneficial to all.


On the local front...

While the past was truly a 'glorious time', that time is over.

The future is upon us.

LMFC Gallery celebrates our glorious maritime past with my graphic impressions of old time waterfront beauty, in support of Earth's Maritime Future.

These prints will fill any interior space with a sense of expansiveness.

It's like having a "Window On The Water".

Picture the pleasant thoughts and feelings you get while sitting by the seaside and bring them home forever.

You'll smell salt air and hear seagulls in the distance.

That sounds like a good start to me.


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